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Consorci of Port de Mataró

The Consorci Port Mataró is a public consortium founded in 1997 which is comprised of the Catalan Government (Generalitat) and Ajuntament de Mataró, whose main goal is the management and exploitation of the marina in Mataró, a modern and constantly evolving port in the capital of the Maresme, which has 1,080 moorings and nearly 7,000 square meters of commercial area. Since the Consorci Port Mataró took over Port of Mataró, its main objective has been to provide the city with a first-class facility that would experience continued growth in both quality and quantity of services and facilities available to users.

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The ownership of the port facilities belongs to Generalitat de Catalunya and it is under the administrative jurisdiction of the Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat. The Consorci is in charge of the management of the marina and Ports de la Generalitat is in charge of the exploitation of the fishing dock. In terms of development of the proposed objectives, the Consorci is responsible for planning, projecting and executing the necessary works and installations; it is also responsible for the organization, management and administration of the marina and port services, as well as the maintenance in perfect conditions of the works, the occupied land and the facilities. In addition, the Consorci is responsible for keeping the port services in good order and for carrying out all those actions aimed at facilitating the maritime traffic and achieving productivity and performance of the port explotation, as well as the execution of the complementary access works to the port.

Accounting Manager

Sonia Velasco


Service Manager

Marc Cabot



Margarita Díez


Baotswain’s MAte

Mª Teresa Garcia