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Cookies Policy

Our website uses a technology called “cookies” to gather information about the use of the website, improve user’s browsing experience and grant the proper functioning of the website.

Cookie Definition

A ‘cookie’ is a small piece of text that websites send to the browser and are stored in the user’s terminal (computer or mobile device). These files are intended to store data that may be updated and recovered by the entity in charge of its installation. Thus, each time the user comes back to the website, the web browser recovers the file and sends it to the website server. Cookies have several functionalities, including collecting information about user preferences and remembering them, and in general, making easier the use of the website to the user, making the site more useful using customized content depending on the user’s preference

Cookies can be classified based on different parameters:

1.- Ownership: Own cookies and third-party cookies: depending on the entity that manages the domain from which the cookies are sent and the data processed.

2.- Duration: session cookies or persistent cookies: according to the period of time they remain stored in the user’s terminal.

3.- Purpose: technical cookies, customization cookies, analysis cookies, advertising cookies, behavioural advertising cookies: according to the purpose for which the data is processed:.

Cookies used in our website

Our website uses cookies and other technologies that are sent to your computer and managed by third parties with the aim of being used for the interaction with users.

Specifically, cookies used on our website are as follows:

Cookies and other technologies from third parties:

Analysis cookies  Google LLC. (Google Analytics)Analysis cookies:Persistent
Customization on preferencesTwitterOffer personalised contentsPersistent

For more information on cookies from this third party, please click on the link to its name.


Consent to the use of the aforementioned cookies, in the terms set out and under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy, will be obtained by accepting the initial notice of information on cookies displayed when you visit our website. 

Revoking consent

The user may at any time revoke consent in relation to this Cookies Policy by deleting the cookies stored on the computer through the configuration and settings of the Internet browser.

Cookies Configuration Tool

How to disable cookies in the main browsers?

Although it may vary slightly from one browser version to another, the cookie policy settings for the most used browsers are as follows:

For more information, you can consult the support or help of your browser or through the following links: SafariChromeFirefoxExplorerOpera.

In addition, you can also manage the storage of cookies in your browser through tools such as the following:

Cookies policy update

This website may modify this Cookie Policy, so we kindly recommend you to review this policy each time you access our website in order to be properly informed about our use of cookies.

Last Update: July 22, 2020